Muhammad Breaks Into 2019’s Top 10 Baby Names of the World

After becoming the most popular name for baby boys in the United Kingdom for the third year in a row, Muhammad has also entered the top 10 names for babies in the world.

According to the annual list published by a parenting and baby names website Baby Center, Muhammad is now listed at the 10th spot while the most popular name for boys in 2019 has been Liam. For baby girls, the top spot has been won by Sophia.


Muhammad Becomes the Most Popular Name in the UK Again

There has been a general increase in the popularity of Arabic names in the world, which is the reason why both Muhammad and Aaliyah have made it to the top 10 in the list of most popular names for boys and girls respectively.

Here are the top 10 names for both girls and boys in 2019:

Rank Girls Boys
1 Sophia Liam
2 Olivia Jackson
3 Emma Noah
4 Ava Aiden
5 Aria Grayson
6 Isabella Caden
7 Amelia Lucas
8 Mia Elijah
9 Riley Oliver
10 Aaliyah Muhammad

The list has been compiled after collecting data from more than 600,000 parents from across the globe.

Talking about the popularity of Muhammad, the website wrote:

Muhammad is one of the most popular names in the world and has been a steady climber in our top names lists over the years. While non-Muslim families have a seemingly limitless range of possible names to choose from, tradition is still very important for Muslim families, including the custom of naming a son after Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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