US Resumes Military Training Program for Pakistan Army, Offers $2 Billion in Aid

Pakistan’s foreign policy may finally be heading in the right direction especially when it comes to relations with the United States as the Trump administration has decided to resume the country’s participation in the International Military Education and Training Program (IMET).

The State Department, on Thursday, announced the resumption of the program under which security aid of worth $2 billion will be given to Pakistan which was suspended in January 2018 on orders of President Donald Trump to pressurize Pakistan to “do more”.


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According to experts, the relations between the two nations have improved in the last year or so, especially after Imran Khan’s meetings with Donald Trump.

Talking to Reuters, a State Department’s spokeswoman told that the program “provides an opportunity to increase bilateral cooperation between our countries on shared priorities”.

We want to continue to build on this foundation through concrete actions that advance regional security and stability.

Under the program, 66 Pakistani armed forces officers will also go to study different courses at U.S. military education institutions, such as the U.S. Army War College and the U.S. Naval War College.

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  • I am not in favour of this aid. We are making ourselves dependent on countries which are in reality not in our favour. They are Jewish controlled states and behind the curtain are planning to make us weak. They provide us aid to stop our self dependency and growth. At the end we will be at their mercy. We will be unable to execute our own plans and decisions because beggars cannot be choosers and they will finish us not by any type of war or weaponry but just by stopping their aid. Our government should reject all the aids from every country and should take the bold steps to make Pakistan self dependent.

  • It’s not a foreign policy or a positive thing, America is doing all this to stop us joining Muslims unity with Turkey, Malaysia, Iran and Qatar.. America will again use Pakistan to destroy Muslims unity and awareness and when this will be over, America will again backstab us and join Isreal and India.. Just as they have manipulated Saudi, now they want to manipulate our army

  • This is indeed a very positive sign. We need to further our cause of getting back our losses of nearly 350 billion dollors due to the American war in Afghanistan. We must get back this money slowly and gradually. No other country is going to give us even a dollar which we spent on Americans. So let us all be very patient and strive further to get into joint ventures with USA to make good our losses.

  • Then they will elevated as chiefs of respective force one day and will serve for US with due diligence, tell me one general who was COAS and had no training from US or UK staff colleges.

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