Govt to Remove 820,000 Undeserving People from Benazir Income Support Program

The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) led federal government has decided to remove nearly 820,000 people from the lists of recipients of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

Recently, NADRA conducted a comprehensive review of the beneficiaries of the BISP in the last 8 years.

Based on the NADRA data, here is break down of BISP beneficiaries, who are to be excluded from the new list:

  • BISP beneficiaries who traveled abroad once: 153,302
  • Spouses traveled abroad once: 195,364
  • Traveled abroad more than once: 10,476
  • Spouses traveled abroad more than once: 166,319
  • Have one or more vehicles registered: 692
  • Spouses having one or more vehicles registered: 43,746
  • Average monthly bill of PTCL/Mobile is higher than PKR 1,000: 24,546
  • Spouses having average monthly bill of PTCL/Mobile is higher than PKR 1,000: 115,767
  • Applied passports via Executive Centers: 666
  • Spouse applied passport via executive center: 580
  • Three or more family members applied CNIC with executive fee: 36,970
  • Employees of Govt, Railways, Post Offices, BISP: 14,730
  • Spouses are employee of Govt, Railways, Post Offices, BISP: 127,826
  • Total unique beneficiaries with above criteria: 850,165


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The review further revealed that more than 36,000 beneficiaries of the BISP had paid an ‘executive fee’ to obtain NICs from NADRA during the last 8 years. 1,246 had submitted applications to obtain passports via executive centers.

Around 30,000 people had recharged Rs. 1,000 or more on their Mobile phones. The monthly landline bill of 20,000 people had exceeded Rs 1,000.

All of these people were misusing the funds and weren’t even eligible for the program in the first place.

Furthermore, most of these people that would be stopped from misusing BISP are employees of either the federal or the provincial government. A big number of these employees own agriculture land of 12 acres or more.


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On the recommendations of NADRA, the federal government has decided to exclude these 820,000 people from BISP that can provide sustenance to themselves and their families. The vacant positions would allow the inclusion of more deserving people.

According to Dr. Sania Nishtar, Chairperson of the BISP, the federal cabinet has agreed to increase the quarterly compensation under BISP from Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 6000. It has also decided to rename BISP to ‘Ehsaas Kafalat’.

It is yet unclear if any action will be taken against those 820,000 undeserving individuals, who were getting BISP funds for eight years.

  • Since these people defrauded a program made for public service in mind, will legal action be taken against them?

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