Govt Approves Rs. 11.7 Billion Supplementary Budget for Special Military Projects

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) meeting headed by Adviser to the PM on Finance, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, has approved military allowances worth Rs 11.7 billion under technical supplementary grants on Monday.

According to the Finance Ministry’s handout, Rs 6.2 billion has been allocated for the recurring cost of the Special Security Division of Pakistan – for the protection of CPEC-related projects – whereas Rs 4.966 has been set aside for internal Special Duty Allowance for troops deployed on the Western border.


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The remaining Rs 500 million is reserved for the construction of Community Bunkers. The heads for the supplementary grants from where the budget will be diverted have not been specified by the Finance Ministry.

Earlier, the ECC had directed the General Headquarters to meet the costs of providing protection to important projects and military installments through regular budget instead of supplementary allowances, however, the matter was again brought to the meeting and has now been approved.

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  • so much for our “boys” giving “QURBANI” at the budget of cutting short 6 billion of total army budget for FY19-20’……. #LMAOCopter

  • Oh bhai to Security budget na lainay ka drama kion kia tha agar special budget mein 12 Billion lainay thay.

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