New Year’s Gift: Govt Increases Petrol Prices Yet Again

The government has given the people a thoughtful gift to start the new year – an increase in petrol prices for January.


According to the information available, the price of petrol has been hiked to PKR 116.60 from PKR 113.99, an increase of PKR 2.61.

While in the case of High-speed diesel and Light-speed diesel, the prices have been increased by PKR 2.25 and PKR 2.08 per liter, bringing their new prices to PKR 127.26 and PKR 84.51 respectively. The highest increase was for Kerosene oil which saw an overall increase of PKR 3.10 per liter, going to PKR 99.45 from PKR 96.26.

You can see the change in prices in the table below:

Product Old Price
PKR per liter
New Price
PKR per liter
Petrol 113.99 116.60
High-Speed Diesel 125.01 127.26
Light Diesel Oil 82.43 84.51
Kerosene Oil 96.35 99.45


The government has increased the prices on the recommendation of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). The substantial increase in prices was preceded by a mere PKR 0.25 per liter reduction in the price of petrol last month with high-speed diesel’s price also decreasing PKR 2.40 per liter.

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  • Everything gets expensive with increase in fuel prices. This is really going to break the back of the poor.

  • We also pay huge amount in form of Fuel Price Adjustment through Electric Bills!

    Thank you Tabdeeli.

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