Breaking: Jazz Successfully Tests 5G Network in Pakistan [Screen Grabs]

Jazz has successfully tested 5G services on its network, we have confirmed with sources.

While there are limited details available on the test, since there’s no detailed announcement made yet, we know from sources that 5G Network from Jazz attained a whooping speed of 1.42Gbps.

Jazz just tweeted about the development moments ago, confirming about the 5G test, but didn’t say anything further.

It must be recalled that Jazz is working aggressively on data segment and is ideally placed with massive spectrum available to it (reference: it also owns Warid’s spectrum now).

Sources directly aware of the development told ProPakistani that 5G tests went smooth and were conducted on several devices.

We will update this story when and if we get any further details from Jazz. Stay tuned.


Jazz has issued a statement on the test. CTO, Khalid Shahzad, has been quoted as saying following:

“Speed has been our biggest advantage. I believe that achieving this superior speed in 5G testing clearly demonstrates the technical superiority that Jazz has always maintained. Jazz was independently recognized to have the highest speeds in 4G as well”, said Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technical Officer, Jazz

  • In the top screen the speed shows 188Mbps also the ping response is 59msec(should be 1msec or less).
    Not a satisfied results for 5G, for how long Pak Telecom operators will make us fool like this.
    Even in 4G not a single operator is giving a proper speed.
    Government should set some rules for these operators l.

  • Congratulations to Jazz Team. I suggest to test speed through ‘opensignal’ app. There are some issues with Ookla app when testing for 5G in

  • The screenshot looks edited, speed test os is showing LTE symbol, meter is at less but speed is more. There is something fishy.

    • Bhaijan you can look up 5G tests on youtube, meter maximum stays the same even when you surpass it. So meter will always stay less. Secondly, Speedtest hasn’t updated its app to incorporate 5G yet. For that you can look at the status bar on the top left where it clearly says 5G.

      Jazz has no reason to fake this test. The 5G equipment is available. All they have to do is get a 5G phone and 5G equipment in a room and test it. It’s not rocket science and certainly not hard for a cellular company to do.

  • Zong and Jazz both tested the 5G, but are we ready for this kind of speed, I mean did we upgrade our structure to drive on this speed? It will drag us to destruction as 80% internet users only use FB or Youtube.

  • The speed test app shows this test as LTE & not 5G? Probably Jazz is doing deceptive marketing using it’s current LTE network in carrier aggregated mode else speedtest recognizes the test as 5G on a 5G network normally.

    • Speedtest app shows LTE even when testing 5G. The app isn’t updated for 5G yet. The statusbar clearly shows 5G on top.

  • Jazz 4g+ (displayed on device) working in Islamabad too, download speed 79 mbps upload 37 mbps

  • Hope for best but we are not satisfied with your 4G network,Improve your 4G then launch 5G.Telenor is best data network 4G.I am shifting myself on it.Bye Bye Jazz.

  • 5G is going to be hard to do in Pakistan because you need more cell towers and they all have to connected to fiber. Govt. bureaucrats put up roadblocks when it comes to physical connections like these. That’s why zong wants to build its own fiber network first.

    • I think you should first learn about 5G in the world and know what’s happening.. These tests are officially permitted by PTA and should not be confused with commercial deployment after spectrum allocation

  • Ping is way more than expected. However good to see a healthy sign for IT and Telecom sectors ans hoping the same for e-commerce as well to utilize it’s true potential

  • Jazz walo pehly ye baat zror dekna k nature ko to nuqsaan nhi ho rha, by the way I am happy to se 5G in end of 2020! With full speed, even we will be happy if there will be 400 mp speed.

  • Test is fake see the speed and see the meter is om 750 and the fake numbers written in center are floating above not even properly edited.

  • Good joke Jazz Telecom ..
    Pehle apna 4g tu theak Kr Lo phir 5g k baray Mai sochna… Network in se thek control ho nahi raha. 5g dy gay ye..
    Pehle Apne signal strength tu behtr Kro.. -110dbm pr 5g kiya 3g b nahi chalta… Or voice quality tu aesi hai k insan call kr k ye sochta hai k kis company ka network rakh liya..
    Or Jb call center call Kro tu Ek he Jawab milta hai k hum behtr kr rahy hain. 3saal se ye behtr kr he rahy hain..

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