Faysal Bank is Giving People More Reasons to Smile

An April 2019 study found that “Changes in life satisfaction are associated with changes in consumption, not changes in income.” Despite the recent trend toward minimalism, it seems that buying stuff makes us happy. The idea of buying new things excites people, they don’t want to necessarily increase their income but improve their standard of living instead.

But it’s not all smiles, living a certain way requires a large sum of money. This is where the importance of discounts plays an important role. In a nutshell, discounts help customers afford things that make them happy.

In a world where the digital sphere is evolving, the use of liquid cash is also decreasing, and the use of digital marketing is increasing. Faysal Bank picked up on this changing market dynamic, and added an incentive for their customers to use their credit cards to the max.

Recently, Faysal Bank Limited launched their “Smile Campaign”. The campaign revolves around the happiness a customer receives when they get discounts on their favorite products.

Faysal Bank has one of the largest discount alliances, ranging from dine-in restaurants to air travel. Keeping these affiliations in mind, Faysal Bank had the core objective of advertising them to both existing and potential customers.

So what’s exciting about this campaign? Not only do we get a wide range of discounts, it’s also the volume of the discounts that intrigues the customers. Discounts on restaurants like: Xander’s, Sakura, Café Flo, etc. Food however, isn’t the only thing that excites people. Faysal Bank is offering discounts on air travel as well, deals on Etihad and Agoda.com which would motivate people to not only travel but also persuade them to opt for a Faysal Bank Credit Card.

It positions the bank above their competition simply because, Faysal Bank gives us more reasons to Smile.

To learn more, visit Faysal Bank website.

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