An Initiative to Promote Education in Pakistan

Education is the cornerstone upon which countries build their entire futures. Unfortunately in Pakistan, 37% of young children are denied education and are instead forced to work to make ends meet.

A Powerful Initiative

To bring more attention to this alarming situation, Adamjee Life has launched the Nigehbaan Campaign.

Under the umbrella of Adamjee Life’s CSR activities, Nigehbaan aims to not only raise awareness about education but also engage people from all blocks of life to contribute and do their part in this noble cause.

While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are a common part of corporate world, Nigehbaan stands out due to the simplicity of its message, which is the critical need to educate our children.

A Unique Outreach Campaign

Adamjee Life’s CSR campaign received great appreciation across the country for its interactive marketing.

The gist of the campaign is to ask people to help erase illiteracy in our society.

The Nigehbaan campaign launched interactive AI-technology based screens all over the country. People simply had to erase the screen, which showed a child, with a simple swipe. Upon erasing it, the screen would transform the same child into a school-going student in uniform, carrying books.


A Noble Cause

Adamjee Life’s CSR campaign showcases how easily one can make a difference in their children’s life. .

The Nigehbaan initiative provides the public with a sense of achievement and actualization of having played a vital part in such a noble cause. You too can play your part and eradicate illiteracy from Pakistan.

Building Classrooms for Children

Under the campaign, Adamjee Life has also donated several amenities and constructed fully furnished classrooms for students. Check out this video for more details.

Taking Big Strides For The Future of Pakistan!

This positive initiative of Adamjee Life will help lead to a brighter future for all the children of Pakistan. We hope that it translates into action from other segments of society as well because education is one of the most neglected areas in our society.

The Nigehbaan initiative can surely benefit our homeland in many positive ways.