Popular Pakistani YouTubers to Participate in a Cricket Tournament This Month

The Pakistani YouTubers community has grown massively in recent years and a cricket tournament being held to bring all of them on the same platform.

The Pakistan YouTubers Cup is being organized on the 25th of January, 2020 at Asghar Ali Cricket Stadium in Karachi.

It has been reported that the tournament will be organized by Junaid Akram and fellow YouTubers.

The tickets for the event are available for purchase on Yayvo.com.

Click here to purchase tickets.

A total of 8 teams are set to participate in the event. Here are their details:

  1. Junaid Swaggers
  2. The Idiotz 11
  3. Mooroo Funters
  4. Bekaar 11
  5. Pakao 11
  6. Karachi Vynz Paltan
  7. Khujlee Tigers
  8. The Great Team

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