Efforts of a Hard-Working Father Bear Fruit

Parents are the driving force behind a child’s success. They work tough hours in different capacities to ensure two things: Food, and education. It’s often hard to create that element of stability with our country’s delicate but significant requirements, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Defying all odds of uncertainty and occupational hardship, this story about a girl and her father might just encourage you to delve in the miracles of destiny.

Noorul Sabah, a recent graduate of the University of Education Lahore just surprised her fruit vendor father with a gold medal. The convocation ceremony was covered by Samaa TV and as the theme of this story suggests, the girl’s family was over the moon.

Abdul Ghaffar sold fruits at a local setup in Faisalabad and his tireless efforts bore fruit with his daughter’s success. Since the beginning, he wanted to make sure that Noorul Sabah got the education she wanted, sparing no effort to make her dreams come true. Working tiresome work-shifts selling fruits and always being optimistic that no matter what: A good daughter never disappoints!

Talking to the media reps stationed at the convocation, Ghaffar stated,

She [Noorul Sabah] kept studying and we kept supporting her.

Abdul Ghaffar’s daughter acknowledged her parents’ relentless efforts to help her through thick and thin. She dedicated the gold medal to them and hoped for more opportunities to make her father proud. Speaking on the occasion, Noorul Subah commented, “I dedicate this gold medal to my parents. It belongs to them.” 

Among other beaming graduates present at the ceremony, two similar individuals who had come through hard times also wore the gold medals around their neck.

Gold Medallist Arsalan Zafar is the son of a toy seller. He studied BSc Chemistry at the University of Education Lahore and passed at the top of his class. Rabia Nazeer also made her family proud by winning gold. Her father is a building constructor and was beaming with joy when he witnessed his daughter receiving a gold medal.

Pakistan is a powerhouse for emerging talents. Students have immense potential and their actions speak volumes.

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