Govt to Announce a 100% Increase in Basic Pay of Federal Employees

Good news for the government servants is on the cards, as the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) government is mulling a hundred percent increase in the basic pays of federal employees.

As per details, the task force on Institutional Reforms has decided, in principle, to equalize the basic pay scale of all the federal employees to eliminate discrimination in basic salaries and privileges of public servants.


Govt Removes Grade 17-21 Officers Benefitting From Benazir Income Support Program

The committee has proposed amendments and revision in the 2017’s Pay Scale Chart to increase salaries for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-21.

If approved, the increments will be as under:

Grades Minimum Increment  Max. Increment
BPS-1 9,000 17,000
BPS-2 9,300 19,000
BPS-3 9,310 21,310
BPS-4 9,900 23,100
BPS-5 10,260 25,260
BPS-6 10,620 27,240
BPS-7 10,990 29,290
BPS-8 11,380 31,480
BPS-9 11,770 31,480
BPS-10 12,160 36,160
BPS-11 12,570 38,970
BPS-12 13,320 42,120
BPS-13 14,260 45,760
BPS-14 15,180 50,280
BPS-15 16,120 56,020
BPS-16 18,190 64,510
BPS-17 30,370 76,370
BPS-18 38,350 95,750
BPS-19 59,210 12,0210
BPS-20 69,090 1,32,230
BPS-21 76,270 1,46,720


  • Pay toh barha di hain inki haram khori toh roko khan sahab. kam bhi lo ya sirf koam k paiso k in gadho pe lagate rahe ge,

    • aur ap jaise gadhe ka kia krein? everybody in gov jobs isn’t corrupt, have some sense, AlhamduLillah there are people whom Allah has always blessed with Rizq e Halal.

  • Federal employees are not even 1 percent of total Pakistan government employees. So why only federal employees. PTI has governments in Punjab and KPK as well.

  • A new Lollipop “If approved, the increments will be”, aisay koi Mutmain Beghairat hain.
    Truck ke batti ke peechay laga rahay hain.

  • It’s a brave stepm towards the “Riasat e Madina”
    Imran Khan is a great leader. May Allah bless him

  • wow just amazing, first they don’t have to work and top of that they get 100% basic salary increase. Just amazing, lottery lagi hai inki tu.

  • It is injustice, why only federal govt n secretariat employees get all allowances n increments, what about other govt employees,… those who are phd teachers they are getting low salaries….why

  • I think the whole idea of a pay increase is to ensure that people don’t resort to bribery or other means to support themselves. No need to be so bitter about it.

  • very very thanks for keeping us inform about the affairs of the government employees, but most of the news oftenly not based on facts. The government employees become happy by listening the news of increase in salaries, but despite of lapse of months no action is taken and employees become dishearted and discouraged. It will be appreciated if the latest information may be downloaded. All other informations regarding Civil service are very nice except the news of increase of salaries. Thanks. ……………………..From A.Q

  • Only govt employee exists in Pakistan ? what for others ? Mazdoor/ fruit sales man/daily wages person what they will do for survival. strange can not understand the policy of govt. Khoof e khuda e nahe hai, inflation ko control karo huzoor, tankha nahe barhao.

  • bhai jan federal govt provinces ko budget dy dyti h to province walo ko kho salary brhany ka rha masla phd ka to phd kar k koe ahsan ne kia apni taleem ziada ki h ap log phd krty ho salary of pysy k leay afsos h. teachers sb sy ziada kma rhy hn home tutions m be chona lgaty hn or evening m gareeb logo k bcho ko. or y salary federal walo ki nahi brhni dont wory . i m punjab govt employee and also post doc.

  • Seems this govt took oath to squeeze last drop of blood of this nation. Hopefully someone will to stop them. otherwise nation in deep sleep.

  • دوسرے صوبوں کے سرکاری ملازمین کے لیے نہیں ان کا کیا قصور ہے???

  • Its a suggesion and not for all fedrral employees, secretrait, finance, revenue etc.
    Barish barsi nhi k saare chhatri khol k beth gaye ho.

  • I think the sub reforms committee just recommended to equalise the pay scale of provinces and federal secretariat employees, not increasing of overall federal government employees salaries

  • Imran khan agar waqai chahte hain k wo madina wali riasat banaen ge tu insaf krenge. agar fedral gov employee ki salary barrhaenge tu baki provinces k emplyee jo pehle hi fedral emplyee se kam salaries le rahe hain tu un k sath na insafi ho gi.or mazdoor tabka k liae sb se pehle koi barra alan kren jis se lage waqai ye madina ki riasat ki pervi ho rahi hai. Sirf bolne se riasat e madina ki pervi nahi ho gi amaldramd se ho gi or ghurbat khattam ho gi. Insha Allah

  • It is a piece of fake news because this scale chart is old. Govt Employees are already taking salaries according to this chart.

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