Korean Meat Brand Didim to Open its First Franchise in Pakistan

Korean food service enterprise Didim is expanding its business to Pakistan.

According to the Korean media, the company will sell its products under its barbecue brand Mapo Galmaegi. Mapo Galmaegi has signed a franchise contract with a Pakistani company to start a business here.

The company announced that it has signed the contract with M Anwar & Bros., a Pakistani importer that exclusively supplies Korean and Japanese automobile parts to the Pakistani market.

M Anwar & Bros. also owns construction- and computer-related subsidiaries. Recently, the Pakistani company sought to expand its businesses into food, and contacted Didim upon seeing the popularity of Korean barbecue, Didim explained.

It is the first time a Korean franchise is selling meat in the Pakistan market, the company said.

The Korean firm will open its first store in Pakistan in August, and plans to expand its business in the country in the next four years.  After taking into consideration the Islamic restriction on eating pork, the company is set to present beef items to the target customers here.

Didim Inc. operates as a food service company. The company provides direct restaurant operating, franchise livestock processing, food manufacturing, distribution, and other services.

  • nobody buys pakola mineral water cuz the mindset is that its made by pakola so the water must taste like pakola. similarly, no one will purchase meat from a non islamic country especially when koreans are famous for pork consumption.

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