NADRA Counter at LDA Collapses on First Day

A special counter of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) set up at Lahore Development Authority’s (LDA) One Window Cell stopped working on its launch day.

The counter was established to allow Lahore development authority access to the NADRA database for biometric verification of people coming for property matters.


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The LDA Director General (DG) Sumair Ahmed Syed integrated the counter on Wednesday, but it turned off repeatedly, causing long delays for the people seeking verifications.

The facility at the One Window Cell will authenticate the identity of the property owners by verifying their thumb impressions.

Appreciating the initiative the citizens also criticized it for turning off repeatedly, saying that the authorities should ensure a proper power backup and connectivity for an uninterrupted run.

Shakeel Ahmed, visiting LDA for a verification-related matter, said that he had to wait for an hour before the system could restore. During his wait, he saw several visitors going back due to non-operation.


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DG LDA is hopeful that they will resolve the issue at the earliest and the citizens will no longer have to wait for hours.

Appreciating the new counter, the DG said that the authority will now have access to the family tree and other details of family members through this system. He maintained that the integration of biometric verification will be fruitful because of its proven track record.

  • Definitely an applaudable initiative. It does happen with digital technology that at times it fails to perform as required but in the long run it turns out to be immensely useful.

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