IT Committee Raises Questions Against the Appointment of Tania Aidrus

In a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication, which met with Ali Khan Jadoon in the chair, questions were raised against the appointment of Tania Aidrus.

The committee members also raised questions on the appointment of Tania Aidrus, a focal person on Digital Pakistan, while observing that merit was not followed. Committee members observed that a pick and choose method was adopted, which is not appropriate.


Top Level Committee Formed to Make Pakistan Digital

The committee asked for the details of her appointment as well as her job description in the next meeting.

Secretary IT said that Tania Aidrus gave the idea of five pillars and Prime Minister appointed her on an honorary basis. Naz Baloch said that “this is the office of the Prime Minister and it runs on public’s tax money”.

  • Keeping aside the politics, There should be a mandate and a process to follow such key position appointments. With all due respect, Ms. Tania Aidrus is no doubt a competent individual however there are very competent and talented individuals within Pakistan who could have been considered for this post.

    • I think she is best suited for the job because she worked in the west and she is familiar with current trends regarding digitalization .

      • This is not a justification. Without marit, no one can judge individual. There should be formal process. As per the report circulating, she does not belong to active development. She had position as business development. Also check her qualifications.

  • So which merit was followed while Appointing Buzdar as CM Punjab and Fawad Chaudary as the Minister of Science and technology?.
    The real point is that she is a competent person and the Jaahil politicians and Generals will never allow an educated person to run any ministry.

    • do you think Google Adsence marketing manager for Asian Countries has the capability to hold this seat?
      if your answer is yes, then you know nothing about it industry.

      • She is no any back ground in Digital Transformations, working in Google in Sales or marketing is not a make sense for Digital IT, it’s should be on open merit.

  • Agar bat IT ke ho rahe Hai or IT ko promote karna Hai tu hame marketing ke nahe te technical person ke zarorat Hai like software engineer, programmer, developer, ke zarorat Hai like a #Rafay Baloch jase logo ke….

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