PTV to Give 25% to Agencies In Return for Recoveries of Rs. 3 Billion

After deciding on increasing the license fee up to Rs. 100 for each electricity consumer, the directors of Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) have now moved to outsource recoveries worth Rs. 3 billion.

As per reports, the board of directors’ meeting in November last year gave the go-ahead to hire three private agencies to recover receivables worth Rs. 3 billion in return for 25% of the amount recovered.



PTV Will Now Add Rs. 100 to Everyone’s Electricity Bill

The meeting also decided to reduce the retirement age of its employees by three years to save up to Rs. 1.5 million per month.

With no business plan of its own, the state-run television currently runs on the amount it accumulates by charging Rs. 35 from each registered power consumer in the country.


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As per reports, the national television earns Rs. 8.5 billion annually from license fees against its expenditures of Rs. 20 billion. To fill this huge financial gape, PTV has also decided to increase the license fee by Rs. 65 for each consumer.

The summary is now on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s table, and if he approves, each of us will pay Rs. 100 instead of Rs. 35 every month to run PTV.

  • It’s a piety to see PTV in such state. Meanwhile, private entertainment channels get huge ratings and make billions, Pakistan Television suffers. I don’t know if there’s a monopoly. We spend our childhood watching PTV in its prime with shows such as Kaliyan, Ainak wala Jin on Dish/Antena. I don’t care if they take rs 75 or 100. I just want to see the channel return to its prime days.

    • It is really pitiful but it is we, us, who are responsible for this state of affairs. We all easily become part of a rat race ie following private channels. Some one watching PTV is considered to be very lowly n out of touch, primitive.

    • The reason might be that no one wants to watch govt approved shows for entertainment like the drama Ehd e Wafa by ISPR which seems too much of a fairytale, and the other reason is too many employees in PTV just like PIA and PSM.

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