PM Asks PTV to Air ‘Turkish Game of Thrones’ in Urdu Dubbing

Pakistan’s state television, PTV, is all set to air the famous Turkish historical fiction series, ‘Dirilis: Ertugrul’ in Urdu dubbing soon.

The development has come months after Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing a public gathering, recommended all Pakistanis to watch the drama serial as it promotes love for Islamic values.

Now, following the premier’s directives, the PTV authorities are dubbing all five seasons in Urdu for the Pakistani audience.


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Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information, Firdos Ashiq Awan has also confirmed the news. While talking to Arab News, she revealed that PTV has already secured all rights from the Turkish state television TRT 1.

The Muslim world has its own cultural heritage and values, but we are looking into western ones. To protect our social cultural and religious norms, the prime minister has taken the initiative.


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According to her, the drama is currently in the dubbing stage and will be aired next year. She added that the authorities are carefully choosing the voice artists to captivate the audience.

For those unaware, ‘Drisilis: Ertugrul,’ also described as the ‘Turkish Game of Thrones’, is set in 13th century Anatolia before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

The TV opera has been one of the most famous Turkish serials in history. Since its premiere in November 2014, the drama has been broadcast in 60 different countries.

  • Hum log ghulam ibne ghulaam hain aur Ghulamoun ko Aaqa hi history pata honi chahiye. Imran Khan ka shukriya yaad dilaanay kai hamari apni koi auqaat nahin. Arboun or Turkoun ko daikh kar hi khush hotay hain ham.

    • Ghulam ibne gulaam ki aolad, agr ptv ap ko holloywood and english series muft mi dhekai, to phely app hi tv k samny pary pao gy.

      Internet comments k bithaj badshah, kabi life mi history book uta k b dheki hai. Mujy yaqeen hai, ap ko apny shajra nasab k b pata nai hoga.

      Bary aai gyan dheny waly

      • tumhara dada pardada khud hindu tha jo ab muslman ha yahe tumhari asliat ham, arabon ko to hedayat hogai tum logon ko nai hoi

        • chalo us ko apny dada pardada k pata to he, teri tarha chakly ki paidawar to nhe he na.

    • kitni Hollywood movies dekhi hon gi but gherat inki idher jagti hy, ye aik munfarid kera hy jo kuch Pakistanion ko kafi tang karta hy..

  • عثمانیہ حکومت نے ہزاروں اربوں کو قتل کیا اور لاکھوں افغان، انڈیا اور ایران کے مسلمانوں کو غلام بنایا. . اربوں اور ترکوں کی جنگوں میں مرنے والا اور مارنے والا دونو ہی مسلمان تھے.یہی ترک بھایوں نے ہماری پرانی نسلوں کو غلامی کی زنجیروں میں جکڑا . تو ہم کس طرح عثمانیہ حکومت کو مسلمانوں کی حکومت مان لیں. ؟

  • Mashallah hum Turk aur Arab ke nasal mai say hai yeh movie Pakistan awam kau aun ke aab o ajdad key kareeb lane mei madad kare gei aur khalifat kaim karne me bhi madad mile gei.

  • Years ago Sri Lankan president Chandrika Kumaratunga asked stated owned Rupavahini to start broadcasting Discovery channel programs so that the people’s general knowledge would increase. In Pakistan the PM wants people to start believing in religious fantasies instead.

  • I feel comments should be restricted on such articles. So that everyone can live peacefully with their own beliefs buried inside them. Comments on this post indicate we are living with minimum tolerance and minimum respect for difference of opinions/beliefs. Sorry if someone gets offended.

  • Islamic values? With alcohol being sold openly in shops, p!mps on the streets of Istanbul offering women from different Muslims countries including Pakistanis, to “brother” Pakistanis?

  • PM Tells to show Turkish Drama in Pakistan,
    Pakistani Media : میں بانجھ نہیں ہوں۔

  • Abbay oooo… This is not fiction series this is our real histroy lekin shayad ap templers ki nasal se ho islye fiction bolrahe ho

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