Here’s How Japan Has Helped Pakistan in Identifying CoronaVirus Patients

The first consignment of primers (reagents) to detect the deadly coronavirus has reached Pakistan.

The kits, donated by Japan to Pakistan, reached the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad on Friday morning.


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The available kits can test at least 1,000 samples for the lethal virus. Speaking to media, chief of the NIH’s Public Health Labs Division told the media:

The government of Japan has donated primers to us that would enable us to analyze at least 1000 suspected samples for the novel coronavirus that has wreaked havoc in China and created panic all over the world.

Currently, Pakistan does not have the facility to detect coronavirus because it’s new, and very few countries have the capability to detect it.

The lethal virus was first identified in China’s city Wuhan a few weeks ago. Since, it has spread like a plague, as so far, over 8000 cases have been registered from China alone.


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Moreover, the virus has spread in at least 23 countries.

WHO board is meeting today again to consider declaring a global coronavirus emergency. In its session earlier this week, the global health organization had ruled it out, saying that the threat wasn’t severe enough to declare a global emergency.

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