Coronavirus: Govt is Looking to Evacuate Pakistanis Stuck in China

The federal government is considering evacuating Pakistani citizens trapped in China, and a decision in this regard is expected soon.

As per insider reports, public pressure is mounting on the government to take concrete steps for the wellbeing of Pakistanis in China. Its decision to not evacuate citizens from the virus-hit country has attracted massive criticism from the public and the opposition.


Pakistan Can Now Diagnose Coronavirus Locally

While the health ministry maintains that the Pakistanis stuck in China, especially in Wuhan, are in safe hands and have been receiving the best facilities, their loved ones in Pakistan have repeatedly demanded their evacuation.

Responding to these calls, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, Dr. Zafar Mirza, has finally hinted at a change of heart.

Dr. Mirza took to Twitter to reveal that the matter is being discussed at the highest level.

His Twitter post, however, was flooded with replies from Pakistani students in China, saying that all they want is the government’s permission to return home.


Chinese Envoy Confirms That More Pakistani Students Have Coronavirus

One of the Twitter users even revealed that the Chinese government is now keeping Coronavirus patients next to a university dormitory building in Wuhan due to a shortage of hospitals. She demanded the government take immediate action for their safety.

The microblogging website is flooded with the video messages of Pakistanis requesting the government to follow the footsteps of other countries who have evacuated their citizens despite having good relations with China.

It should be noted that out of the 41,000 infections reported, five Pakistani students have been tested positive with the virus, all of them are receiving due medical attention in isolations wards. The Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Yao Jing, has confirmed that they are improving.

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