PIA Suspends Flights To Beijing Over Coronavirus Fears

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suspended flights between Islamabad and Beijing till March 15 as Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in China.

According to PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez, the airline had two weekly flights scheduled between Islamabad and Beijing. These flights significantly increased the risk of the virus being transmitted to Pakistan.

Therefore, PIA has decided to suspend flights to Beijing as a precautionary measure. It is monitoring the situation in China and operations would be resumed accordingly, stated the spokesman.

Earlier on January 30, PIA had suspended all flights to and from China for three days. In China, the Covid-19 virus has resulted in the deaths of more than 2,500 people and infected another 77,000.

Cases of Covid-19 have also been reported in Iran and Italy. 3 Italians and 8 Iranians have died from Coronavirus.

The Italian government was forced to call off several football games of the Italian league at the weekend in an attempt to contain the virus.

Whereas, Turkey and Pakistan have sealed off their borders with Iran to stop the transmission of the virus.

Via: Dawn