Govt Orders All Airlines to Collect Health Declarations From International Passengers

The government has made it mandatory for all passengers entering Pakistan to fill out a health declaration form. The Aviation Secretary, Hassan Nasir Jamy, issued the order during his visit to Islamabad International Airport (IIA).

Jamy asked the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that all airlines should collect this undertaking from their passengers before entering the country. The initiative is part of the government’s measures against the deadly coronavirus, he said.


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He visited the health desks at the airport and inquired the doctors and paramedics on duty if they were facing any issues carrying out their duties. He asked how else the government can facilitate the public and passengers.

Jamy also stopped by the free tea stalls for passengers established by the aviation authority. He was also briefed on the land acquisition for extension of the airport.

The federal secretary reiterated the government’s commitment to the provision of better facilities to passengers at Islamabad airport.

The CAA Additional Director General, Air Vice Marshal Tanveer Bhatti, and Deputy Director General (regulation), Air Commodore, Syed Nasir Raza Hamdani accompanied him during the visit.


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Note that the health department, in the wake of the novel virus, has established a screening desk at various airports across the country.

All the incoming passengers are screened at these desks before being allowed entry in the country.

These desks are being run with the collaboration of CAA and airport management. Special arrangements are in place to shift suspected patients to government hospitals where they are kept in isolation wards until their medical reports arrive.

  • “fill out a health declaration form” …. Seriously this is the best you can come up with?

    How about having short lines at the immigration counters?
    Air purifiers at the airports.
    Providing Sanitizing gel.

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