Citizens of Punjab Can Now Manage Properties & Calculate Applicable Tax Online

Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control (ET& NC) Department of Punjab has launched ‘Online Self-Assessment of Property Tax’ with an aim to bridge the trust deficit between taxpayers and tax authorities.

Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed, the provincial Minister for ET& NC, launched the online portal yesterday at a ceremony held in Lahore.

While addressing the launch, the Minister said:

We have introduced the online process through our property tax portal making it robust and easy to use for the taxpayers, removing all sorts of hurdles and complications that were a trademark of the manual procedures earlier. Citizen facilitation and transparency is the agenda of the present government and we intend to ensure this with making the system online.

Urban Unit has provided technical assistance to the ET&NC Department in the development of the online tax portal.

The Online Self-Assessment of Property Tax portal allows taxpayers to:

  • Calculate the total payable tax on their properties
  • Add or remove properties on their names

Besides, Urban Unit has also developed a Smartphone application named ‘P-Tax’ to accord the citizens the same facilities of the online portal.

Head to the ET&NC Department’s website to calculate your property tax.

  • What kind of clowns built this ? There’s no actual .gov domain ? Are we supposed to trust our information to a website behind an anonymous public IP ? A giant visitor counter ? What is this, the 90s ?

    • Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed, the provincial Minister for ET& NC has no IT background. His only qualification is that he is from PTI. Before taking this position he was running a “poultry farm” ( yes it is a truth).

      This government has thrown all competent people like Umar Saif (from MIT) and others and replaced them with incompetent FSC third divisioners from PTI. So this is what happens when you end the merit and replace it with Favoritism, Ethnicity and Regionalism.

      • With due respect when your competent people like Umar Saif (from MIT) are held the post, domain of link is also not currently it is the public ip of server and that time Umar Saif (from MIT) was PITB chairman same public ip was used. Technically issue is that is mannaged by pitb and excise website is not managed by pitb. This is the project of The Urban Unit, Punjab. That is why they do not access the subdomain of . any how excise department can subdomain it with their offical domain for your inner satisfaction. Please also note that I am not PTI supporter. I am just IT proffesonal.

        • Hey Mr IT Professional you should be fired from your job immediately as you don’t know the basics of Security. I work for the fortune 500 and I can Laugh at your statement. Your web domain don’t make your website secure. Go and learn about basic security and then comment long essay here.
          Go and tell some European or American Security or a simple web developer that my Server has the Public facing IP and that makes it insecure. They will laugh their A** off.

          Also I can give you a guarantee that you are a lame PTI supporter but your job is to divert the attention from the incompetence of this Government.

          • You indeed work for the fortune 500. (FU on that because you dont even know what it means). Thats why you are being a condescending person much like Umar Saif. You are peddling his agenda ignoring the fact that he was squarely responsible for hushing up the discourse about PITB leaks of 2018, when he was very much a chairman of PITB. I didnt see you rebuking him then for exposing troves of citizen data and then doing nothing about it.

  • Mr.mumtaz has no credibility and no competency. Pti needs only multi millionaires. I am from his constituency. He proved himself as businessman not a servant of the nation.

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