Packaged Milk Prices Silently Increased Without Any Reason

Tetra milk producers have raised the prices of 250ml, 1, and 1.5 liters of milk packs without providing any substantial reason for the latest price hike.

1 liter milk pack will now be retailed at Rs. 150 which was previously sold for Rs. 140 while 1.5 liters milk pack will be sold for Rs. 200 as against Rs. 180. With an increase of Rs.5, a 250ml pack will now be available for Rs. 40.


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According to the General Secretary of Karachi Retail Grocers Group, tetra milk producers have released a fresh price list that will be effective immediately.

The price hike can be attributed to surging input costs, rising transportation charges, and packaging rates. The price of animal feed, which alone makes up for 65% of the input cost of milk production, has also increased recently due to soybean price hike.

  • now who’s responsible to regulate this mafia? Is there any consumer protection entity in the country?

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