PM Imran Khan’s Tweet Wins Hearts Across the Border

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet showing concern and solidarity with minorities living in Pakistan has won hearts across the other side of the Pak-India border. Soon after the Delhi riots killed over two dozen Muslims, Khan took to Twitter to warn against any extremist activities against the marginalized communities in Pakistan.

PM Khan tweeted:

Not only did this tweet win the hearts of Pakistanis but also of some sane people on the other side of the border. His thread was swamped with replies and retweets from Indian Twitterati, commending Khan’s rationality, leadership, and humanitarian qualities.


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While some shamed Modi and Hindu-extremists with this, others wished they had a Prime Minister like Imran Khan.

Here is how Indians reacted to his tweet.

Do you think PM Imran Khan’s Twitter diplomacy can help reduce the tensions between the two countries? Let us know in the comment section.

  • Even ISI now realize that imran is good for nothing. HTV keep telling zani imran to bring presidential system but he is stuck like glue with this garbage system and setup hahaha Ya ALLAH hamari jan chura is zani imran playboy se.

  • Fawad Alam toh abhi tak khel nai paya cricket mein koi merit nai ye insaf hai hhaahaha do bhi Danish Kaneria ko insaf do. Bas baatein bana loh imran zani se.

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