Rangers Recover 70,000 Face Masks From Karachi

Sindh Rangers have recovered more than 70,000 hoarded face masks and arrested one person from Block 13-D of Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Karachi.

The operation was carried out on the Supreme Court’s orders to curb the hoarding of face mask after confirmation of coronavirus cases in the country.


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According to Rangers’ spokesperson:

The rangers team raided a house in Block 2 of PECHS after receiving a tipoff and made 1 arrest. The arrested person told the team that the masks had been stockpiled at Block 13-D of Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Alongside, rangers also confiscated 200 transfusion drips during the raid.

In a separate incident, the rangers arrested a medical store owner who was caught charging Rs. 1650 for each pack of face masks.


Prices of Surgical Masks Increase by 900% After Confirmation of Coronavirus

Following the confirmation of coronavirus cases, the prices of face masks have gone through the roof. Medical store owners are citing the shortage of face masks as the reason behind the price hike.

A pack of face masks, which was widely available in the markets for less than Rs. 100 before the confirmation of Coronavirus, is now being reportedly sold between Rs. 1700 and Rs. 2000.

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