Pakistan Gets 12,000 Coronavirus Detection Kits from China Worth $2,000 Each

Pakistan has imported 12,000 coronavirus testing kits from China that have arrived at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. The government of Pakistan had requested the Chinese government to send these kits, worth $2,000 each.

Each of the kits can be used to test 1000 samples. That means that Pakistan currently has the equipment to test over 12 million people. It is not yet clear if the government has paid $24 million for the kits or if the Chinese government has donated these.

The development has come hours after the health ministry confirmed nine more cases of the novel coronavirus, taking the total tally to 16.


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The country was previously was using the detection kits gifted by Japan to detect the novel coronavirus. Around 1000 kits had been sent to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in mid-January.

The consignment from China also includes an aid of 50-tons of pesticides and 15 spray machines to control the locust attacks.

The aid to fight locust swarms came after a Chinese delegation visited the country and announced every possible support in this regard.


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A Chinese experts’ group surveyed Tharparkar to estimate the extent of destruction to crops caused by the locust attacks.

Talking to media there, the delegation had promised to provide possible assistance to Pakistan’s Plant Protection Department to eradicate the crop-eating insects.

Moreover, the country will also provide drones to monitor the movement of locust swarms across the country.

    This is the locust pesticide spray sent by China. (Read the leading news papers which carry the same picture, as a well as the banner which states “The dispatch of goods under the China Aid Emergency Program against the Locusts disaster are delivered to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan by the People’s Republic of China”

    Please be a bit more responsible while reporting. You are loosing credibility, if there was any even before.

  • Kindly hire a better content creator. Not a copy-paste writer.
    Just see this post. Half of the content and image not matched with the header.

  • HI, PLEASE KINDLY FOUCUS ON THE BIG LETTER CHINA AID. THE Chinse government do it out of our friendship not for money. Please be a responsible and credible media person.

  • This is correct news, another 10,000 kits are on the way. As per the directives from the Prime Minister Imran Khan every person should be provided with the testing facility for novel corona virus free of cost.

  • Drone is beyond weapons. It is used for deliveries of Pizza, groceries in developed countries. The drones for delivery is subject to regulatory clearance of air space and radio frequency from the Federal authorities in Pakistan, which obviously will clear without any delay/hurdles in the respective Federal Authority.
    The crop eating insects drug should be thoroughly examined for clearance by the relative food authority with sensitivity of drug compliance, sensitivity of the spray to the food grain etc., etc.

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