Petrol Prices to Drop By Rs. 20-25 Soon: Reports

According to media reports, a slash in the prices of petroleum products is expected with a PKR20-25 decrease in the price of petrol. This follows as the world reels from the plunge in oil prices as Saudi Arabia and Russia continue their price war.

The investors are eyeing the chances of economic stimulus due to this.

Nadeem Babar, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Petroleum said that the decrease in prices around the globe will boost the economy of Pakistan aside from easing inflation and other economic hardships faced by the average man.

While talking to the media he said that the Prime Minister has ordered the relevant officials to create a broad strategy regarding petroleum products.

In response to a question, he said that there was a critical need to the country’s oil refinery sector.

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  • we all Pakistani People humbly and cordially request to Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan Sahab …. KINDLY PROVIDE US THIS BENEFIT OF LOWERING OIL PRICES TO 70 TO 80 RUPEES, DO REMEMBER UR ADDRESSES ON CONTAINERS,,,, PLZ ,,,PLZ… WE ELECTED YOU FOR RELIEF…

    • Imran zani playboy bohat bara loser hai don’t expect anything from him. Madina ke riyasat mein playboy allow be nai hote.

    • It will be foolosh to provide full benefits Just 10 rs/ltr is enoigh as the goods transporters are not hoing tl reduce price. Balnce to be used of circular drbt of previous govt.

  • Govt.will adjust it against its deficit and no relief to people of this country. We have unfortunately very untrusted p.m. and IMF imposed finance minister.

  • International Price Drop to 30%
    so they can easily drop prices from 118 – 30% = Rs.82
    but what they did instead shows their mentality.

  • He made us fool now its clear to everyone public of Pakistan give vote for relief but now people r remembering Nawaz and zardari in international markets oil prices are so much reduced but no one bother to give major relief to public everyone is just worried abt there chairs petrol price should be 70 rupees per liter

  • Ultimately nobody benefits from this short-termism. Neither does the environment.

    Don’t forget that the IMF has a magnifying glass on all that Pakistan does regarding revenue. This is the dog which will bite you hardest due to years of poor financial management. That is the fault of the person looking at you in a mirror, not just your leaders.

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