Sports Journalist Dennis Cricket Shares His Story of Corruption at Lahore Airport

If you follow Pakistan cricket, you might have heard about Dennis Freedman, an Australian sports journalist who is quite vocal about how he loves Pakistan.

Even if you haven’t, he is probably among the most hated men in India for his sense of humor. He doesn’t let go of any opportunity to grill their cricketers, their system and even politicians. That doesn’t mean he turns a blind eye towards the shortcomings in Pakistan.


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He has done exactly that and on his return to Melbourne, Dennis has shared a video explaining a story of corruption at Lahore airport and how he should have dealt with it in a better way. He was in Pakistan for the PSL 2020.

Here’s the video:

Talking about the incident, Dennis said that he witnessed the ‘Gora card’ when he was standing at the immigration counter to get his passport stamped. An airport official came to him and took him to the front of a different line and got his work done in a matter of seconds. He also carried his luggage and took him to the lounge.

He later demanded some money and Dennis paid. The staff asked him to give him whatever currency or however much he had.


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In the video, he can be heard saying that he regrets paying him the money and that he should have reported it to the corruption line.

Having said that, he maintained that the video is for educational purposes and he doesn’t want the guy sacked which is why he didn’t name him.

 Do you think the staff was right to demand money or it doesn’t count as corruption? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • So? is mein bura kia kara usne? Acha kia expose kia balke naam be laina chiye tha us lahori pendu ka.

    • This is does not about pendu or Lahori dear it is how we are basically

      ” Jahan Moka Miley 2no numberi sey pesey banoo”

      Acha Wo he hai jis ko Corruption ka moqa nhi mila Buss.

  • Airport are gate way to entry any country if entrance is like this how will be remaining country. So I request to whom this matter concern that ALLAH ke watse our badnam na karo es mulk ko.

  • Acha kia us admi ko expose karna chahey tha. guys age ap apna cellphone, Laptop, Home, plot, ya ghr ki koi cheez sale karna chahty hen to pe visit karen.

  • The gora should have avoided a priority lane, first of all. other then that, Corruption is in our blood. It is like cancer, spread across all the Asian countries.

    • For your kind information corruption har jaga hoti hai. America and British politicians ke history utha ke dekh loh.

  • Dennis sir you must expose that person otherwise he will keep doing that which will damage the reputation of our country

  • So Dennis Freedman believes he is entitled for a special treatment when he said “Gora Card Privilege”. He got the services, his luggage was handled and his precious time was saved. But he expected all this for free. He didn’t want to pay about $2.00 for all the services that he got. Shame on him. Shame on the media that is comparing that poor porter’s act with politicians’ huge corruption. Mr. Freedman, in future, make sure you stay in the line with long wait and handle your own luggage, because you should get the same treatment as an average Pakistani gets; nothing more, nothing less. Expecting “Gora Card Privilege” is corruption on your part Mr.Freedman. You are not superior. In your country, we are supposed to tip for different services, like hair-cut, filling-up the car at a gas station, in restaurants etc. In this case, you could have considered it a tip if not the price for services that you got. But you bragged about it out-of-proportion.

  • What ‘education’ is Dennis’s video serving if it doesn’t lead to apprehension and punishment of the bribery-demanding culprit? Why don’ the damn officials form a union, go to the PRESS and complain if they aren’t getting paid sufficiently OR why don’t they openly offer a ‘fast-track’ service for a fee that can be fed back into improving the standard of the bathrooms, for instance!!! OF COURSE he should have named the official and got video evidence of him if he could. If Munafiqs like that are not exposed then anyone who keeps silent merely ‘joins the club’ of eventual punishment for a country that has already signed up before God to be an ‘Islamic’ republic. Its too late now to expect Allah NOT to hold account sooner rather than later!

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