Pakistan Coronavirus Tally Reaches 19 but ‘No Evidence of Local Spread as of Yet’: Live Updates

Key Highlights
  • Confirmed cases reach 19 in Pakistan
  • A 12-year-old boy in Quetta tested positive marking Baluchistan’s first case
  • The boy had traveled to Iran as well
  • Although the numbers more than doubled in the past 48 hours, Dr. Zafar said it was not surprising
  • Good personal hygiene can prevent the disease

As Pakistan’s COVID-19 tally climbs to 19, Dr. Zafar Mirza has said that there is no evidence of local spread yet.

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health confirmed that all 19 infected people brought the virus from abroad during their recent travels, mostly from Iran.

He added that all those who had tested positive for the virus were in stable condition and one was already discharged from hospital after making full recovery.

The rise in number of cases is ‘not surprising’

Cases in Pakistan more than doubled in the past 48 hours but Dr. Mirza said it was not surprising as the disease had already spread in 106 countries.

Personal hygiene is crucial

While the use of face masks is of no use for healthy people unless they’re caring for the infected, personal hygiene is highly recommended to contain the spread.

Dr. Zafar Mirza emphasized the importance of frequent handwashing and not touching the face for staying safe amid the spread. Keeping a safe distance from sick people is also an important part of preventing the disease.

First Case in Baluchistan

Yesterday evening saw another case of Coronavirus emerging in Quetta, which was the first case in Balochistan.

A 12-year-old boy tested positive for the virus, according to sources at the Fatima Jinnah Hospital in Quetta. The patient had a travel history to Iran.

Yesterday, 11 new cases appeared in Karachi with an Engro employee testing positive for COVID-19.

6 Air Traffic Controllers at Karachi Airport Isolated

Late yesterday, six air traffic controllers were isolated at Karachi airport over suspicion of having contracted Coronavirus. This was later confirmed by the CAA spokesperson, Abdus Sattar Khokhar.

The suspected patients were posted at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport and were isolated as per the aviation authority’s SOPs.

Instructions for the screening of all ATC staff members posted at the airport were issued soon after.


5.15 pm Sindh Govt Issues Coronavirus Advisory for PSL Matches

In order to protect the spectators from contracting the Coronavirus infection, the Sindh government has issued an eight-point advisory for people coming to watch the games.

The advisory issued from the Commissioner Office on Wednesday also includes basic precautions such as hand washes and use of a handkerchief or tissues while sneezing.

Read the full story here.

5.00 pm Countries and territories worst hit so far (via AFP)

2.30 pm Murtaza Wahab says the decision on school closures may come in a few days

Adviser to CM Sindh on law, anti-corruption, and information, Murtaza Wahab, has said the government will make a decision on whether or not to extend school closures in the next few days.

2.00 pm Second confirmed Coronavirus case in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan focal person on coronavirus, Dr. Shah Zamaan, has confirmed that another person in Skardu has tested positive for COVID-19.

This takes the GB tally to 2 and the country’s to 20.

The victim is a 14-year-old boy who too had recently traveled to Iran and was isolated by the health department in Pakistan.

1.00 pm Sindh health minister visits Karachi Airport, briefs staff on measures

Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Minister of Health & Population Welfare Sindh, visited Jinnah International Airport Karachi and briefed the staff on Coronavirus screening setup.

She also instructed the staff to ensure that all safety protocols established by the Sindh Health Department were being strictly followed.

12.00 pm Lahore High Court Orders PEMRA to Launch Coronavirus Awareness Campaign

LHC has ordered PEMRA to start an awareness campaign on Coronavirus.

CJ LHC issued the directives during the hearing of a case against the shortage of surgical masks following the outbreak of COVID-19 in Pakistan.

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Data from the National Institute of Health (NIH)



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