CCTV Video Shows the Exact Moment PAF’s F-16 Crashed

On Wednesday, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) lost its valiant pilot, Wing Commander Nauman Akram, when his F-16 crashed near Shakarparian, Islamabad. The aircraft was engaged in a rehearsal display for Pakistan Day Parade when it lost control and crashed.

The video footage captured by the onlookers identified how the martyred pilot, instead of ejecting, tried to steer the aircraft away from the populated area to minimize the damage, and as a result, lost his life.

Now, a fresh CCTV footage from the crash scene has emerged on social media showing the terrifying moments when late Wing Commander Nauman Akram’s F-16 smashed the ground.


Breaking: PAF Fighter Jet Crashes in Islamabad

The footage shows a giant fireball engulfing the high-speed aircraft when it touched the ground in high-alpha position before impacting the nearby trees. It was only the pilot’s mindfulness to steer the aircraft away from the residential area, which saved at least tens of lives.

Here is the video:

The last moment footage showed there was no attempted ejection which means the pilot tried his best to control the plane and land it safely in the trees.

As PAF has launched an inquiry into the accident, this CCTV footage might help investigators understand what exactly caused the crash.

  • Allah Maghfirat Farmaee aur jannat mein Aala muqam atta farmaee.

    Insaan ghalti ka putla hai, ghalti kis say nahi hoti.

  • Just dont use such high-priced weapons for other than war/war-games – such a wastage of tax money

    May Allah bless him Jannatul Firdous – Ameen!

  • he is the martyr of Islam. I salute to Wing Commander Numan Ali. May Almighty grant him high rank in Jannah tul Firdous and give patience to their loved ones. Ameen.

  • Stupidity of the highest order by paf management. Such kind of acrobatic moves should only be performed in low population areas. Why disturb public with Sonic boom? And put their lives at risk?

    • Ku k ap jasy donkey so rahy hy is qoum ma, shame on you. Tm ghr m soty ho or wo apni neend barbad kr k sarhdo ki hifazat krty hy

      • no other developed country allows such madness…. I am a doctor and kept awake late for patients. I am pissed off at paf reharsals because i failed my plab exams due to these sonic booms from just 2 marks, so i hate these jet sounds!!!

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