Don’t Repeat Italy’s Mistakes With Coronavirus: Former Italian PM

Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has sent out a clear warning to the world leaders urging them not to show complacency towards the novel coronavirus.

Renzi was speaking to CNN when he asked Europe, the US and the rest of the world not to undermine the risk of the deadly virus.

Italy wasted time, and it is paying the price.

Commenting on the extreme measures taken by the Italian government, Renzi said it was too late.


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Please, to my friends of the other European countries — and let me be very clear — all the American guys: Please don’t make the same mistakes of under-evaluation of the risk.

The former PM said that Italian people are very fond of handshakes and hugs as it is part of their culture, and adjusting to the recent restrictions due to Covid-19 threat was difficult, but necessary.

Following his interview, Renzi tweeted some figures from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website showing the upward graph of the global pandemic and urged European leaders to lock down the entire continent.

The figures reveal that we are facing a pandemic. Italy has similar figures to the other countries. And the “red zone” has to be all of Europe: the sooner they understand it, the better.


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As for now, the coronavirus pandemic has brought the country to stand still with the entire country locked down. The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in Italy has jumped from 189 to 1,016 in the last 24 hours.