This Pakistani Family in Hong Kong is Helping Locals Fight Coronavirus

A Pakistani family in Hong Kong has been distributing facemasks, bottled water, and other sanitary products to help the citizens fight the novel coronavirus.

At a time when governments around the world are advising families to go in self-quarantine to stay healthy, the gesture from this family is winning hearts worldwide.


Pakistan Responds to the Looming Coronavirus Threat

An abrupt spread of Covid-19 cases outside China has wreaked havoc among world leaders as many countries have now blocked the entry of international passengers, locked down entire provinces, capitals, and even countries. There is panic all over the world, and Hong Kong is no exception.

“If you don’t wear a mask, people will ignore you,” said Sheraz Jahangir, a salesman at Lala Al-Sheikh Trading Company, who distributes these items.

The shop owner’s daughter-in-law, Amna Nadeem said, her father-in-law had started the business here years ago on a small level.

He started the business at a very small level and it’s grown into something that we are now able to provide free masks and water to whoever wants them.


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When the disease outbreak was reported in China, he started purchasing facemasks and other relevant products so that he could distribute it for free among locals around the area.

Lala says he buys these facemasks, gloves, and water bottles from his profit every week and gives them away to local people, adding that he enjoys small charitable work as they give him immense pleasure.


Researchers from Harvard Claim 70% of Humankind Will Be Infected by Coronavirus

The situation in Central Europe is now out of control as almost all public gatherings, including football & basketball leagues, religious congregations, and medical conferences have been postponed. Schools, colleges, and universities have been closed while people have been asked to stay at home to avoid contraction of the virus.

The death toll due to this deadly virus globally has crossed 4,500-mark, effecting nearly 150,000  people. The good news is that 60,000 people have recovered from this virus so far.

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