Pakistani Hematologist Suggests a Technique That Can Treat Coronavirus

Dr. Tahir Shamsi, head of the National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) Karachi, has argued that the blood of recovered Coronavirus patients can prove beneficial in slowing the spread of the virus.

Dr. Shamsi has referred to a medical technique known as passive immunization. First introduced in 1890, passive immunization is employed when the risk of infection is high, time for the body to generate an immune response is low, and no vaccine is available.

According to Dr. Shamsi:

The body of a COVID-19 patient creates antibodies to fight off the virus. These antibodies in the blood of a recovered patient could be used to boost the immunity of the newly infected people. We can save precious lives using this technique.


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It is important to point out that Chinese doctors have used passive immunization following the outbreak of COVID-19. Doctors have saved thousands of lives in China using this technique.

A recently published study by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, also proved that passive immunization will be useful for treating COVID-19, further consolidating Dr. Shamsi’s idea.

Dr. Shamsi also revealed that NIBD has officially written to federal and provincial governments to brief them with the advantage of passive immunization amid Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

    • For sure if you somehow get effected – you will be cured with the actions taken by Dr. Shamsi for sure for now.
      How about this idea?

    • It is not mentioned that it was his Idea. It is a suggestion from him as it was used in China to cure the affected people.
      Suggestion means mashwara , idea means soch

      Kindly read the article again as you have clearly misunderstood it.

    • Yes I might have misunderstood the article. My comment was regarding the wording of this article and not the actual information that it is giving. I already know that it cannot behis idea but the article seems to suggest otherwise.

      To me the wording of article feels like Dr Shamsi said “panadol can be helpful in treating common cold” when it is already known and practised around the world. Anyways I’m glad that you guys got it right unlike me.

    • at that time it was no recommended by FDA. now it is approved by FDA that it is safe to use this technique. but i don’t have the information why Chinese used it without FDA approval. i know it does not answer your question properly but Dr. shamsi also discussed the matter with FDA for its recommendation.

  • Where does it says it’s Dr Shamsi idea. He is referring to a medical technique used in 1890.

  • It’s an extremely dangerous idea, particularly in Pakistani context as many Pakistanis are already infect by various blood diseases/ disorders, these will pass on to the person who is being treated. Most common is Hepatitis C which is silent and found in many many many Pakistanis particularly in Sunshine and southern Punjab.

    The common Answer ppl will say is infuse blood after testing , but tests may not be useful in current situation where need of blood is urgent.

  • WHO needs to do more research and certify this to be adopted officially. Many precious lives can be saved.

  • May I suggest Dr. Tahir Shamsi our pride scientist trails/initiatives be reported to the Nobel Institute, Oslo, Norway for consideration. They will determine whether it is an invention, or a counterfeit. As I understand this is an invention is for the first time, unique and may possibly be sent/contacted to the Nobel Instittue tomorow Oslo Norway for accreditation. Best wishes, your success is Grace of Allh.

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