Former UN Envoy ‘Exposes’ How Coronavirus Was Created

Ever since its outbreak, everyone is talking about coronavirus and the devastating impact it has had on everything. It has also given birth to a number of conspiracy theories.

While we are not here to talk about what the rest of the world is saying about the origin of the virus, since Pakistan’s former foreign minister is making bold claims about the conspiracy that the Western countries such as Israel, USA, and the UK have unleashed.


This is the Animal That Transmitted Coronavirus to Humans

Israel is the biggest beneficiary in the mega scheme considering it’s preparing the vaccine for the COVID-19, a name which he thinks was adopted because its permission was given by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US.

Abdullah Hussain Haroon, former foreign minister and Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations, has claimed that the virus was invented in a lab by these three countries to put the brakes on China’s progress. Here’s the chronological order of the events as per the former diplomat:

  • An American company Chiron obtained a patent for the virus from the government in 2006
  • A patent was sought for its vaccine in Europe in 2014
  • The patent was granted in November 2019
  • A vaccine is being manufactured in Israel

He has also claimed that Israel will only share the vaccine with the countries that recognize it as a country, leaving Pakistan out of the equation. Sharing how the virus was created and transported to China, he said:

The coronavirus was created in a lab in the UK and whose registry was in the US. From there it was sent to a lab in Wuhan via Air Canada. The lab in the UK was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation while the John Hopkins and the Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US had made preparations to dispatch the virus to Wuhan.

The former envoy has also accused renowned organizations and institutes such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), Gates Foundation, and John Hopkins University of funding the project.


China ‘Exposes’ How the US Brought Coronavirus to the Country

Continuing his claims, he has said that the US has now moved everything to Winnipeg in Canada where they have also detained a Chinese biologist, Dr. Kading Chan.

Giving a clean chit to China, the ex-minister said that they have been eating snakes and bats for ages and that the outbreak has nothing to do with what they eat. In the second video, Hussain Haroon accepted that the patent records are nowhere to be found in the US, saying that the patent numbers were canceled in November 2019.

The deadly virus has resulted in over 785,000 cases with almost 38,000 casualties across the globe thus far.

What are your thoughts on his claims? Do you think it can be true? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Why not add 192 more countries into the conspiracy? Instead of creating sensational articles like these make articles on protein folding— where the younger Pakistani generation can focus on science and creation instead of blame games. Every country is your friend if you procure and receive benefit.

    • Dear Shamil, Thanks for a comment that actually has some practical value. Thumbs up.

  • How will Pakistan respond this is clearly act of war but as usual no response from Pakistan we will all die from this bio attack.Pakistan should park it missiles and weapons in museum as decoration peace because so far they are not being used.

  • Does he know that US is now the #1 country affected by Covid-19 and has trillions of dollars in damages. In addition to that, Israel has thousands of infected too? If they were involved in a conspiracy, they’d inoculate their own citizens first.

      • You’re the naive one here. Do you have a shred of proof? Anything that’d hold up to scrutiny? I’ll take anything you can scientifically prove at this point.

      • Considering that US’s own economy is crippled and the president of the US is talking about sacrificing lives just to get the economy going, your argument holds no water.

  • He is less than the average intellectual person and spreading hate and talking non-sense mostly.

    Bat gene pattern associated with the ability to repair DNA, remove damage while maintaining immunity and the ability to suppress tumours, they are reservoirs of the viruses and develop new during this repair.

    Pro-Pakistani should do responsible journalism in this epidemic, any person using the name of religion doesn’t become necessarily true.

    • bhai sun.
      if it was a man made virus, they would have started with an existing virus strain and made it more potent. Not invent something new.

      this COVID is a novel virus. Something new. not cooked up.

      science doesnt work that way.

      biggest loser of this is US itself. why would they create it for China?

    • bhai sun.
      if it was a man made virus, they woul dhave started with an existing virus strain and made it more potent. Not invent something new.

      this COVID is a novel virus. Something new. not cooked up.

      science doesnt work that way.

      biggest loser of this is US itself. why would they create it for China?

    • Please learn about some topic before speaking your mind on it. Trust me it would be much better for humanity.

  • Good article thanks for posting it. Even though most articles on this site are garbage but this one is good. Hats off. Who knows maybe CIA is pressurizing this site to promote lunda ka liberal as good and educated, and shows them as good guys. And show religious people as illiterate and uneducated.

    • maybe because they are trying to prove that they are innocent by sacrificing few lives

      • Or maybe you need some evidence before claiming such an absurd conspiracy theory.

  • Humans & Animals closely living with eachother on whole planet earth for millions of years.
    Covid-19 is a highly infectious natrually existing virus but it waits till 21st century then starts infecting & killing Humans.
    What a STRANGE naturally occuring virus, which could not transmit, infect & kill Humans during millions of years.
    Unfortunately most of the People are digesting the sold cock & bull story.

    • Bro there have been hundreds of epidemics and pandemics that have killed millions of people in all of human history. Its just that during the past 100 years there have been huge medical advances and now due to our hygiene and better understanding of these microorganisms we are much better equipped to handle these epidemics before they get out of hand.

      And this “STRANGE” virus probably existed for several years but it only got transferred into humans last year.

      Furthermore, even if you still don’t believe all the medical experts and biologists who have immense experience and expertise – even then you need atleast some hard evidence before claiming such an absurd such conspiracy theory. All your evidence is that the virus only effected people this year which is STRANGE. Although to 100% of all medical experts it is absolutely NOT STRANGE.

      • You have EVERY right to digest it. The way most of the people digested many such things

  • His argument holds no weight. Chinese researchers sequenced the genome and have no found no evidence of it being created by humans. It was shared with others in the world and they have come up with the same conclusion.

  • Plan ma darana humain tha aur darr k kudh mar rahy hain. kuch batain theek hain aur kuch ki evidence nahi hain.
    Real target was china. Israel india ko Pakistan k against laye ga. jang pani pe ho gi. Israel ne game start ki hai.

  • Yeah exactly. Instead of listening to almost 100% of all medical experts and biologists we should listen to a random former UN envoy about how and why the virus was created and how it would benefit the Americans and the Israelis.
    Bullshit article!

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