This is the Animal That Transmitted Coronavirus to Humans

Chinese scientists have found Pangolin to be a potential intermediate host for the transmission of Coronavirus from bats to humans.

South China Agricultural University researchers believe that there could be an intermediate host for Coronavirus after testing over 1,000 samples of wild animals. The Coronavirus patients exhibit 99% identical genome sequence as on the viruses found on Pangolins.


The Doctor Who Warned Everyone About Coronavirus Outbreak Dies

The university revealed this in a statement without providing any additional information regarding their research.

The endangered species is reportedly among the most trafficked animals on the globe with a huge demand in China where its meat is sold in the black market and its scales are used for medicinal purposes albeit no medical benefits.


No Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan: Secretary Health

Following the spread of novel Coronavirus, China has temporarily banned the trade of wild animals. The mysterious virus, which emerged out of an animal market in Wuhan in December last year, has already led to over 600 deaths with over 31,000 cases reported worldwide.

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  • Leave those beautiful animals in peace! They are not medicine! They are more valuable alive in nature than they are on some jerk’s dinner place.

  • This must signal the absolute end to all the animal trafficking in China, otherwise we are just counting down to the next global emergency.

    • Stop animal trafficking’s all over the world. There needs to be a safe plant protein source for the world to use, instead of animals. I love meat. It is becoming risky to eat any meat, beef, chicken or anything animal related. Wake-up call!

  • Poor pangolins!! Not their fault their hunted to the brink of extinction for their scales which have NO MEDICINAL VALUE at all!! You’re basically eating their “fingernails” ,… don’t blame them? Now everyone will go and kill all of them thinking it’ll stop the virus! If the cruel “harvest” of every living creature stopped,..? farm your own animals! Don’t steal from the wild! They’re not yours to take!! Don’t have sex with them! Don’t torture them! Don’t keep them in unhygienic conditions! … blame the humans! Stop looking for a creature to blame,.. its cruel, vile, unhygienic humans!!!

    • Your absolutely right! Humans are the most dangerous animal! The part u said “dont have sex with them” had me lmao tho!

    • Exactly!! We are asshole humans. We think we can desecrate all things sacred. I’m so sick of it. Shame on us! I wish we would stop spending millions on beating up on our own president and focus on making the world a better place and protecting it. I have had it up to the sky with the bullshit and end of days coming to teach us all a lesson . I am so ashamed for future generations of our actions. Not that I’m personally responsible but our elected leaders get away with wasting our lives with their hateful drama 24/7 instead of doing good in the world. Why do we stand for it???

  • These are the cruelest, sickest people on the planet. They think it’s ok to boil animals alive and throw cats off balconies to die in agony just because they MIGHT have the virus. . They disgust me. Maybe if they had their hands boiled they would stop. If they need someone to do it and listen to their screams of agony I’ll gladly do it!

  • Is karma finally visiting? This is….well, deliciously ironic, considering the pangolins. These people’s bloodlust is wreaking havoc because it is so unsatiable. I hope that their pain will make them rethink the pain they so horribly cause to animals (although it didn’t after the SARS virus apparently) They know they are ridding the world of so many creatures, including the quiet, beautiful pangolins, but they just don’t care….because they need an impressive lunch. Please, God, take this chance to save your innocent creatures!

  • This virus is sent from above.
    prayer alone is the only cure.
    The chinese government leaders need to fast for 3 days and nights so that the lord can relent on his great anger.
    I hope that this message can be reached to their parliament.
    If not believe me China and the whole world will perish.

  • I think this is a cop out! I think China developed the virus as biological war fare or population control.

  • When you bring all these wild animals into your markets..What do they expect?? This was long overdue..They have no respect for animals at all.Look what they do to dogs and cats..They need to stop trafficking these animals and leave them in the wild..Now look at the mess the virus has cause..Not only affecting China, but the world..Wake up China..these bariatric medical ideology needs to go away!!

  • Pangalons are NOT a species found in China they are smuggled into China for their scales, this new virus has NOTHING TO DO with these poor animals….leave them in their natural habitat!!!??????

    • If the writer of this article did his research he will know it not from china. But most something they don’t know to get traffic to their site then use bs to catch ppl attention.

  • I beliece that this is a bio-weapon. . I think that’s a Chinese we’re going to use it on America. . tthey were looking for a Antidote i. Their labortory when it was accidently unleashed on thousands of their own people.

  • China you are discusting vile beasts,stop eating everything that moves,stop eating cats and dogs,your all sick,this virus is all your fault

  • We will still keep blaming the animals.
    Snake ? for our downfall.
    Monkey ? for HIV
    And this one………

    Man was given the dominion power to govern, not the animals. We messed the earth up and now blaming the poor animals.

    Creation is groaning in earnest expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. Where are the sons? Rise up!

    Please, leave the beautiful animals alone and blame ourselves.
    Not long animals will be talking to us!


  • I hope all the wild life eaters, sellers, those who skin animals alive, those who torture animals and eat and torture cats and dogs all get the virus.

  • Let’s stick to what God has provided us to eat. Eating of all kinds has now caused this if true. China must learn a lesson now.

  • Fake news.. leave this creature alone (the reason that chinese people got corona Virus is they eat every animals, they are demons

  • As a Christain l would request the Christians to go humbly to the Almighty Yahweh the creator to get the divine revelation.

  • Karma !!!!!! we harvest and kill beautiful , wonderful creatures By the millions to the brink of extinction for Chinese medicines , lm ashamed to be human ,

  • About time Mother Nature taking revenge on human race , animals rights they have suffered for too long it has to stop.
    Love the animal’s

  • Those jerks r killing any animal they think has a potential 2 make a buck! Its disgusting n the 1st place!!

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