Cambridge Announces How It Will Grade O, A Level Students Without Exams

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has decided to grade all students in the upcoming May and June examination, suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic, based on a range of evidence by collaborating with all the schools.

According to the CAIE’s country director for Pakistan, Uzma Yousuf, CAIE will combine the evidence provided by schools with the evidence at its disposal.

The decision on grades to be awarded to students will be made by Cambridge, using our own evidence combined with evidence from schools. We are asking schools to collaborate with us as we make evidence-based decisions about grades for each student in each subject they have entered for in the May and June 2020 examination series.


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CAIE will assess the knowledge and understanding of each student, including the preparation done for May and June examination, in a fair and impartial manner. The examination board has reassured students that the educational body will extend its maximum possible support to help them move forward in their academic careers.

Previously, CAIE had announced on March 23 the cancellation of all examinations scheduled to be held in May and June this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The educational body had earlier decided to grade all candidates based on the knowledge acquired in their respective courses.

  • CAIE Director Madam Uzma Yousuf Pakistan and students are honored with your initiative for technology/evidence.
    Best wishes

  • What about grading of private candidates who are not enrolled in any regular school?

  • And what about us private Candidates come on we are not connected to any schools at all, this is totally unfair to us.

  • Yes,what about private candidates who are not connected to any schools at all, this is totally unfair. I wanted to improve my grades in A Level ( finals) and now this . If I opt for Oct / Nov session, I will have to reappear in all components of A Levels ( which includes AS as well ) and also I will have to take a gap year ( which I never wanted to)Please guide.

  • If a student cannot perform throughout the year due to sickness or had in his or her mind to work the last months to get good grades isnt it fair to give him a chance to improve himself a chance by allowing to appear for the papers besides if he is opting for Fsc or so 20 percent Mark’s are deducted after o levels there is also a matter of good grades in many countries there is a big requirement for entries in higher education so can’t he or she appear for the papers?

  • Good to hear but what about private candidates? They don’t have schools to be collaborated about their progress.

  • What about O or A level students registered as private candidate? I believe there is a significant number of such students. How would their grades will be assessed.

  • What about us private candidates? We have no connection to private schools. And even for students who go to schools, their school grades are not representative of their CAIE grades.

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