Salman Butt Questions Hafeez’s Integrity After His Match-Fixing Remarks

The verbal spat fiasco on the topic of spot-fixing is getting worse as another formerly banned cricketer, Salman Butt, has joined in on the debate.

The disgraced cricketer believes that a corrupt player should be treated equally if he or she serves his punishment.

As per the law that exists, players should be treated equally. Punishment implies that once you have served the time, you should be treated like any other player.


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He also went on to take a dig at those who have made a statement on match-fixing punishments in recent days, questioning their integrity.

Where does their integrity go when they are in the mix and working with those people? Where does their integrity go when they endorse players who get selected because of their connections and take the spot from deserving players? Where is their integrity when Pakistan cricket suffers because of the inabilities of these players who come into the side?


Salman Butt Lashes Out at PCB Again

Without naming anyone, Salman Butt took a jibe at Mohammad Hafeez, saying:

They should talk after giving it some thought. If everyone starts saying things, then there would be no end. There have been many players who were added because of their connections as the 15th man in the squad. There have been several players making comebacks without any meaningful performances. I don’t take names but it is what it is.

Butt was of the view that players should leave the talking and policymaking to the ICC and PCB. The episode of comments is due to the fact that a number of people want to see Sharjeel Khan back in the national outfit after he’s served his spot-fixing ban.

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Feature Writer

  • Salman Butt – this is the thing. Players may get picked with connections – they shouldn’t but someone will always find a reason for a player getting into the team who shouldn’t be there. You are also right to say that if a player has served his ban then he should be treated like anyone else BUT the problem is who would play with some one who was found guilty of fixing games – I would not have full faith in that person. Secondly there was a big difference between Mohammed Amir and yourself and Mohammed Asif. Amir admitted to his mistake and took the punishment whilst you and Asif pleaded Not Guilty for years and never admitted your errors and now expect to be selected again in the national team. The other players will not accept you and nor will the public.
    Cricket has also changed over the years – in the past unfit players were acceptable as long as they had the ability BUT now you need to also be fit – is that too much to ask? Would you or anyone employ someone in a job if he was lazy but good at his job – how would that set an example to the rest of the employees?

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