Aga Khan University Launches App to Screen Coronavirus

The Aga Khan University has launched a new mobile app dubbed ‘CoronaCheck’ that allows people to easily and safely evaluate their symptoms with an in-home screening tool.

Moreover, the application provides information on the World Health Organization and the Ministry of National Health Services, that recommend:

  • Best practices to protect oneself from infection
  • Advice on self-assessment
  • Precautions and guidance on physical distancing

Apart from helping people understand whether they are infected or not, the application is also developed to tackle myths, misconceptions, and an increasing amount of unverified information.

As per the university’s official statement, the application uses an interactive chatbot driven by artificial intelligence. This chatbot helps the users in understanding their symptoms and helps them get the required help in a timely manner.

The application also aims to identify potential coronavirus carriers to limit the risk of transmission. It also provides a list of national helplines.

Saleem Sayani, director of AKU’s TISC, said:

The coronavirus has placed the country’s healthcare system under tremendous strain with front line healthcare professionals already working around the clock. Through this app, we hope to share useful tips that can prevent new cases and provide reassurance to worried citizens during a time of widespread concern.

The tool has also been adopted by Alberta Health Services. The organization has modified it to meet the local context and the evolving epidemiology of the disease.

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