CBL Joins Hands with NGOs and Recognizes the Frontline Fighters During COVID-19

COVID-19 is at the world’s door and unfortunately spreading at a high rate everywhere. People around the world are petrified, and economies are under serious pressure. In the given scenario, unfortunately, Pakistan is not behind in terms of facing the hit of Coronavirus outbreak. While the economy had already been tumultuous, this pandemic has aggravated the situation for our country more so than before. The subsequent lockdown everywhere with a high percentage of daily wage earners in the country is bringing forth quite a lot of issues for the people. This has led to the emergence of multiple helping hands within the society. Different NGOs and multiple brands have come forward to play their respective parts in order to ease the situation.

Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL), a prominent name in the confectionery snacking business also promptly responded and proved to be of assistance to those in need, in the best possible manner. Amidst the lockdown, Biscuits supplies were carefully packed and delivered to renowned charitable organizations, including but not limited to, Edhi, Chhipa and Saylani, so as for them to reach out to thousands of households in need.

Sami Wahid, Director Marketing CBL, commented, “Biscuits as a product in Pakistan is consumed by the masses at multiple occasions from the start of the day to the end. It remains an important source of energy and nutrients for them. During this Pandemic, our organization is making all the possible efforts to keep our market supplies intact. We are also working closely with multiple NGO’s to ensure that those who are in need, should get biscuits as a part of their Ration bag.”

There’s no one-size-fits-all model of Corporate Social Responsibility that is supposed to be followed by the organizations. Any action that a company takes in order to give back to the society is solely governed by its values, morality and sense of responsibility. Over the last few years, an impressive percentage of companies have been seen performing CSR activities, which seems to be on a rise in the current scenario. Charitable giving and volunteering in the community has proven to flow effortlessly and while it brings everyone together in these tough times, it restores faith in humanity as well.

In addition to the generous stock donations made to different NGOs, CBL went one step ahead to recognize the tireless and constant efforts of the frontline forces including doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and everyone who is stepping out of its own safety boundaries in order to protect the community, the people and the country. Appreciation was shown by providing these warriors with a Personal Protective Equipment kit that had essentials including masks, gloves and a full fledge costume to ensure and provide the individuals with maximum level of safety while they are on their duties during the corona outbreak. The kits were distributed among the paramedic staff of the leading government hospitals keeping in consideration their current requirement. To top it off, there were biscuits placed along with a personalized appreciation note inside the kit to let them know that their relentless efforts in these hard times are highly appreciated and regarded.


To conclude, we must acknowledge philanthropic activities, environmental conservation, and preach volunteer efforts that hold great value as of now. Furthermore, we should understand and promote the main agenda behind all these efforts, that any brand, organization or individual is doing, is solely to bring about a positive force in the community by whatever possible means, since that will enhance physical, emotional and mental well-being of the society and will make us all hopeful for a safer tomorrow.