Pakistan’s Coronavirus Cases Will Increase Drastically After April 26: Health Expert

More testing times are awaiting Pakistan as coronavirus outbreak may worsen two weeks from now, a health expert has claimed.

Professor Masood Hameed Khan, the former Vice-chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, believes that coronavirus is yet to peak in the country. He noted that Pakistan is likely to report more COVID-19 infections and fatalities between April 26 and May 10.


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According to him, the virus took 50 to 60 days to show its effects around the world and added that the number of cases in the USA and Europe increased multifold after 50-60 days since its emergence.

In a video message, Professor Masood highlighted that Pakistan reported its first virus case on February 26, and now around 50 days have passed. He projected that the country might see a sudden jump in COVID-19 fatalities in the next ten to fifteen days.


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He warned the government of the grave situation the virus could pose in the days to come, recommending a strict implementation of a countrywide lockdown.

He also requested the general public to assist the government in the fight against coronavirus by observing social distancing and following safety guidelines.

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