Anyone Who Identifies Hoarders Wll Get 10% of Hoarded Stock as Reward: Govt

The government has announced hefty rewards for people who identify hoarders of essential food items during the coronavirus lockdown.

Advisor to Prime Minister on Information, Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan, revealed this in a press briefing after the federal cabinet meeting.

Awan said that those who help the government in their crackdown against profiteers and hoarders will receive ten percent of the amount/stock confiscated during the raid.


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The ordinance against the stewardess demonstrates the prime minister’s commitment to protect the public from inflation and low prices.

She maintained that anyone who takes advantage of the public does not deserve any relief, rather should be dealt with strictly.

She added that the hoarding ordinance will protect the interest of the common man by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of essential items at government-approved rates.

The ordinance against the hoarders demonstrates the prime minister’s commitment to protect the public from inflation. Anyone who takes advantage of public hardship does not deserve any relief.


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The SAPM appealed to the public to identify the culprits and their warehouses and receive 10 percent of the seized goods as a reward.

The newly introduced anti-hoarding ordinance contains a three-year sentence, summary trial and confiscation of the material for hoarding of wheat, sugar, flour, ghee, sanitizers, face masks, and other essential items.