China Starts Shipping VT4 Battle Tanks to Pakistan Army

China has started delivering new VT4 main battle tanks (MBTs) to Pakistan, Defence Blog reported on Tuesday.

Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO), held a shipment ceremony in a tank factory located in Baotou, Mongolia for a foreign customer.

Equipped with explosive reactive armor (ERA) (Option FY-IV), the first batch of VT4 MBTs is in the process of delivery to the Pakistan Army.

As per the reports, Pakistan Army Armoured Corps decided to procure around 1000 VT4 tanks from NORINCO to meet its needs.


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Offered for export by NORINCO, the VT4 MBT is an upgraded version of Al-Khalid MBT (also known as MBT-2000) with the same 125 mm main gun, carousel auto-loader, and crew configuration.

Last, the company also delivered the first shipment of 17 military vehicles including ST1 tank, SH5 105mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers and VT4 MBTs to the Nigerian Army.

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  • they moved to modern warfare and selling these techs to third world countries for their own means

  • Stop Importing and Start Producing.
    We should commit ourself to
    “Made and Developed in Pakistan”.

    Stop importing from Turkey, China, America, France or whatever. Enough is enough. We should produce local jobs and local research and development.
    Also what happened to “Al-Khalid Tank”. Why government is not asking Army that why we are importing when we can produce these tanks locally?.

  • what a waste this county has become, people are dying for clean water and food and tanks are being purchased! learn to make peace.

    • Peace progression cannot be made if neighboring countries put pressure of war onto you. Yes, We all want peace in this region but it is not very simple and easy to accomplish. Month ago India didn’t plan to attack AJK ? What will happen if they attack ? We need strong supports, Strong Army and Defence..When these priorities are completed, then we can look after other needs without any tension

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