Pakistani-Descent Adil Rashid Booked for Tax Evasion

England legspinner, Adil Rashid, has reportedly failed to pay taxes for four years and has been named in tax defaulters list by UK tax collection authority, HM Revenue, and Custom.

As reported by The Telegraph and Argus, Rashid failed to file his tax returns between 2013-2017. Now, he has been ordered to pay £100,280.89 in back taxes in addition to a fine of £36,608.13.


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Rashid said that his non-payment was just a ‘mistake’, saying “I was shocked when I found out. But it was a simple mistake – there is nothing else to it”.

As a player, you just play and leave it to the accountant. Everything was paid up and I told England about it. I have nothing to hide. If there is something that I had to hide, I would not be who I am.

Rashid, born in Bradford, is of Pakistani descent and hails from the Mirpuri community. He started his international career for England in 2009 and has since played in 100 ODIs, 43 T20Is and 19 Tests.

A limited-overs specialist, Rashid was a part of the ICC World Cup-winning squad in 2019 when England beat New Zealand ‘by the barest of all margins’.

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  • What a crappy way of reporting!! What a shame!! Just because he has done something wrong so let us highlight him being a son to a Pakistani parents and somehow link the fraudster with Pakistan instead of calling him “English”.

    He is a British national, he was born and bred in Bradford, UK. But let us not say, an “English Cricketer, Adil Rashid Booked for Tax-Evasion”, as he has done something illegal, so let us somehow label him being a Pakistani and defame Pakistan and call it “Pakistani Decent Adil Rashid Booked for Tax-Evasion”.

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