TCL Pakistan Launches Online Summer Sale and Countrywide Delivery

TCL, one of Pakistan’s leading LED TV brand, launches the grand summer sale which starts today and is set to end on 30th of April 2020. TCL seeks to address the entertainment and comfort needs of the customers in a substantial fashion by giving up to 25% discount on its LEDs and ACs.

The company is cognizant of the complex situation caused by COVID-19. To that end, the discounts are only applicable to online orders that are done through TCL Pakistan’s website.


The orders will be delivered to the consumer’s doorstep with the options to pay online or cash on delivery. The idea behind this offer is to encourage people to stay indoors, so as to mitigate the spread of the virus.

One-stop easy purchase solution would allow the consumers to browse through their official website and order the product they require with ease. The ordered item will reach their house regardless of where they wish to get it delivered. In addition to this, the brand is offering free delivery.

Speaking about the Sale, the Marketing Manager of TCL ,Mr. Majid Niazi said, “Our perspective is to provide convenience to our consumers as the prevailing situation continues in the country. TCL, as a brand, is an advocate of protective measures against COVID-19.

For that, we have started the Online Summer Sale and are offering free delivery so that our consumers can shop from the comfort of their home without having to step out”.

For people with smart entertainment needs, TCL LED TVs are available at reasonable and discounted rates. Also, TCL offers discounts on its brand new AC range which include Miracle and Elite Series. TCL LED TVs are available in formats and sizes ranging from 32 inches to 75 inches and ACs are available in sizes ranging from 1.0 ton to 2.0 ton.

TCL is taking all appropriate measures to protect its staff as well as the customers by adopting the health care measures advised by the World Health Organization. Both the consumer and delivery staff are advised to wear masks and use sanitizers frequently to stay safe from the virus.

  • We purchased 3 LED for our home. We bought the TCL Smart LED’s 3 years ago. Features they advertise at that time slowly removing from its software. Now I have only youtube to watch, other channels and features are gone and the same happens with my cousin’s LED too. Don’t buy it

    • can you explain it in detail about which exact models you bought? did it have officially licensed android or AOSP? what removed features are you talking about?
      that’d be really helpful for the people coming to this paid article, to make an informed decision.

      • Model L40S4900. No, any online channel is available because all wiped out, overall processing speed too much slow, after 2 or 3 three hours on Youtube, we have to turn it off to change anything and let me add one more thing. We purchase 3 TCL LED’s at that time for our home and 1 out of three is dead and 1 has picture tube issue (Half screen black and half bright)

    • Been using for 2 years, one at home, one at office. No issues so far, Netflix/Youtube work well in the non-android version.

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