Chinese Researcher Warns That Praying in Mosques Will Increase The Spread of COVID-19

Pakistan will during the month of Ramazan enter the most crucial moment of its fight against coronavirus, said Zhou Rong, a senior researcher at Chongyang Institute of Finance at the Renmin University of China.

On the request of the religious figures, the Pakistani government decided to open the mosques for prayers during Ramazan and this has angered the health community.


Zhou Rong in his article said that this poses a risk on multiple levels as people will be less vigilant in the mosque, it will be difficult to control prayer times and it will be tough to keep a safe distance.

Dr. Kasir Sajad, Secretary-General, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said, “The association is worried about the situation. We are worried that the number of cases will rise because of large-scale collective prayers. We can only hope that people abide by preventive measures.” Prime Minister Imran Khan forewarned that by mid-May the number of cases may increase.

Dr. Sajad stated, “If the two holy mosques in Makkah and Medina can extend the time for prayer suspension during Ramadan, why can’t Pakistan do it?”

Sajad underlined that maintaining the prescribed social distance helped slow the spread of the virus.

Although President Arif Alvi after consulting with religious leaders has established a Twenty-Point Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to slow the spread of infections, it has removed restrictions on the size of prayers during Ramadan.

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  • I agree with him but praying and worship to Allah in Mosque specially in holy month of Ramazan is more important then corona or any other thing inshallah Allah will protect worshipers.Religious places should stay open rest of the country can be closed.

      • yeah right…as if those shopping for items at grocery stores and marts are not causing a spread. Janab people are visiting shops/stores in droves every day but you are too blind to see that. People of a certain sect and a bunch of religion haters (mera jism meri marzi breed without any posterity in pedigree) are relentlessly advocating closure of mosques only. Oh stellar..
        Stop this hypocrisy. Either close stores and shops (COD and home delivery is a thing nowadays yo! smurf) OR leave mosques alone. For namaz, hardly 2 rows (suffs) are made anyway. Why the furore? I will pray at mosque inshaAllah just because miniatures are trying to lock down mosques. Allah locked down the whole world. How about that?

    • you can not just rely on god to do all the work and to protect you. Can’t you just sacrifice the prayers for the sake of our country. Worshipers don’t just have immunity to COVID 19. Stupid man!

    • Pakistani qoum ka deen masjid k darwazay par shuru aur masjid k darwazay par hi khatam b ho jata hai. Islam ne aur b cheezain kahi hain, un par amal na karna. Sirf masjid masjid ka ratta lagatay raho bandaron ki tarah.

  • Namaz Ghar Par Parhee Ja Sakti Hau, Es Leay Masjid Jana Zarori Nahi.

    Jab Kay Sabzee, Daal, Aata, Mobile Load Etc. Ghar Mai Available Nahi Hota, Es Leay Market Jana Zarori Ho Jata Hai.

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