Dubai Consulate Asks Pakistanis Not to Overpay for Return Flights

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and airlines based in the UAE will be undertaking special flights from 1st May to 10th May to help bring 4,620 Pakistanis stranded in the UAE back to Pakistan.

From the various GCC countries, around 30 flights are planned within these dates, and 17 of these will be operated from the UAE. On Sunday, PIA had reduced the one-way airfares for these flights from Dubai to Pakistan.

Consul-General of Pakistan Dubai, Ahmad Amjad Ali had stated that the airfares will be slashed by 20-30%. He added that the speed and volume of these flights will increase in the next few days to fly-back the Pakistani nationals and added that over 1,600 Pakistani nationals have been flown back from Dubai and the Northern Emirates on 7 PIA flights so far.

The Pakistan Consulate Dubai stated on Sunday that Pakistanis stuck in UAE should not buy PIA tickets from any travel agent and instead register online and they will receive a call from the consulate.

“The Consulate-General of Pakistan Dubai makes it clear that no travel agent has been authorized to sell PIA tickets for these special flights from Dubai. Tickets can only be purchased at a designated place once you receive a call from the Consulate as per the merit list retrieved from the online registration done with the Consulate,” it said.

It stressed that people shouldn’t visit the consulate for tickets and if anyone is asked to pay extra on these special flights should file a complaint with the Consulate in Dubai.

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  • Dear Sir,
    I have already the PIA ticket Abu Dhabi to Islamabad having date of 20th March 2020. Due to non availability of flights i m still waiting.
    I have visited embassy four time but its closed.
    I have visited PIA office and found closed.

    please guide Today on 28th April I have again visited both embassy and PIA, But Closed

    please guide………….please

  • Why they not allow the agents or PIA offices in Pakistan.becuse the cheif of PIA setting in Dubai.they will recommend those who will give him extra money or these who is recommended By highly political leaders and burucarte.other wise no merit .if embassy is closed where these poor workers can register himself.and mostly Pakistani workers are illeatrate where they know the process of online registration.imran khan theses overseas worker promote Dubai from two month they will not give him any penny.pls send many areoplane and brings him free of coast.becuse many people have no money.its real time you will help him

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