88% Pakistani Students Are Ready to Volunteer During Coronavirus Pandemic

An online survey carried out by Inter-University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences (IUCPSS) has revealed that more than 88% of Pakistani students are willing to perform volunteer work at the frontlines amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

More than 1100 university students all over Pakistan participated in the IUCPSS survey. Of these, 55.4% were from urban areas while the remaining from rural areas, Media Coordinator IUCPSS has disclosed.


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Regarding practicing social distancing and other measures suggested by the government, 31.7% of the students said people around them are strictly adhering to social distancing measures while 46.2% stated the people are somewhat following the guidelines. However, 22.1% of the students responded that they are not seeing any social distancing measures in their areas.

When asked about the primary source of information amid the Coronavirus pandemic, 68.7% named social media platforms as their primary source of information during the pandemic. Whereas, 39.2% of the students mentioned electronic media as their primary source of information, 27.7 % government awareness campaign, 24%  family friends and community, 8.9% print media, 11.8% social activities while 11.2% mentioned student societies as their main source of information.

Responding to if they are willing to volunteer during the crisis, 88.8% expressed their desire to work as a volunteer to fight alongside healthcare workers. Whereas, 11.2% declined to volunteer during the Coronavirus pandemic.