Personal Data of Thousands of Tiger Force Members Leaks

According to reports, there has been a data breach with regards to the Corona Relief Tiger Force (CRTF) as the personal information of thousands of volunteers, including their CNIC and phone numbers have been made public.

The breach in the data was first reported on Sunday.

Zaki Khalid, a cyber-analyst tweeted, “PDF files and images containing personal data of thousands of Corona Relief Tiger Force volunteers including CNICs, mobile numbers etc being casually and illegally shared on different unofficial WhatsApp groups.”


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The leaked data contains information regarding the people who signed up from Punjab’s Kasur, Khushab, Pasrur, Chunian and Pattoki districts.


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The files which, being shared on WhatsApp, include a signed notification issued by the assistant commissioner Pasrur, which says “The following members of Tiger Force will remain available at the Utility Store mentioned against their names.”

The information has the names of the people, their ID card numbers, phone numbers, age, profession and other such information. As of now, the government has refused to say if the documents in question are legitimate or not.

Sources have said that district commissioners have been warned not to pass on such sensitive information. When the people who were sharing these filed were asked about the source of the data, they said they got it from other WhatsApp groups.

Via: Dawn

  • Another fake news. We are a tiger force and government don’t issue any CNICs to Tigers. CNICs are for human beings and we are Imran Khan’s personal tigers.

    Imran Khan’s dog name is Tiger as well. Does he have a CNIC or his data is available online?. So this news is fake.

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      dog name = tiger
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      owner = imran

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