Lahore Reports a 39% Reduction in Crime Rate as Murder Cases Come to a Halt

The Lahore police has published a comparative review on a decrease in crime during the lockdown.

The number of robberies, according to the spokesperson for Lahore police, has fallen by 39% during the partial lockdown, sob robbery by 42% and overall a 37% reduction in crime rate was seen.


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Lahore saw a staggering 80% fall in murder cases while there was a 29% fall in theft cases. Unfortunately, there has been a 25% increase in domestic violence cases and a 12% increase in minor street fights.

Apart from this, multiple steel mills were sealed as they weren’t following the SOPs that are in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at workplaces.


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The DC has said that every AC will watch all functioning industries under their jurisdiction and make sure that all the SOPs are implemented.

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  • Wahi Punjab Wale Log Yaha A Kar Karachi Main Loot Rahy hai : they are not URDU Speaking :


  • Good Progress under IK’s Gov. IK is a very smart leader to struggling very hard in providing good governance, security and good Justice in the country. These social norms are very important in any nation building. Allah Bless IK and his team.

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