Private Schools Threaten to Resume Classes, Reject Govt’s Closure Extension

Private school associations have rejected the federal government’s decision to extend the reopening date of schools until July 15, saying that it will be akin to the ‘economic murder’ of school owners.

Hours after the federal government’s announcement, All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) President, Kashif Mirza, issued a statement saying that they will not accept the decision.

Mirza said that 90 percent of private schools are using rented buildings and owners are bound to pay salaries to teachers and other staff.

Around 50% of schools would be shut down permanently and one million people would lose their jobs if educational institutes remained closed until July 15.


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He also highlighted the other downside of the decision, saying that it will be impossible for students to recover educational losses due to the extended lockdown.

Mirza urged the government to devise SOPs and open schools from June 1 across the country. He warned that APPSF will open schools under their own SOPs if the government fails to do so.


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He was also against the federation’s decision of canceling board exams. Mirza said there will be many shortcomings when the decision comes into effect.

Earlier on Thursday, Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mehmood, had announced to cancel all board exams, saying that students will be promoted to next grades based on their performances in previous classes.

  • Can someone please inform this so-called numb-nut Kashif Mirza that all private schools are charging fees from parents for every single month of the year, whether their kids go to school everyday or stay in home because of a global pandemic.

    Why Kashif Mirza is crying crocodile tears here!!

    • FYI there are so many parents almost 80% who are not paying their monthly fee although 20% discount has been given despite of SHC orders, schools are providing concession due the unusual condition. Be also aware about about those i am not talking about the ELITE schools. Think about those who are charging 1000 to 5000 per month.

  • How they are facing losses. Whereas they are charging fee for every month with no bills to pay only salaries and rents. They don’t care about kid educational losses all they want the withdrawal of 20% cut in fee so the school owners can fill their pockets.

  • Private bacho ka Kya qasoor h in ko b promote kia Jana chahye
    Bacho ka year waste nhi hona chahye

  • None of the schools is offering any sort of discount whatsoever. When they are charging Monthly Fee regularly, what is their issue ? Because they are unable to charge more on different fake activities now. No one should dare to open the schools despite the fact that all famous schools are owned by Big Billionaire giants and they can try to force the Government since they are always influentials. We can’t allow our children to become vulnerable in this pandemic. Government MUST implement it’s policy at any cost and shouldn’t be hijacked by these Saiths.

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