Captain Naveed Breaks 30-Year Old SSG Record

Pakistan Armed Forces are known for their valor. Putting your country before your own self takes a lot of courage and they undergo a lot of training and hard work to get to that level of physical and mental strength.

Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group (SSG) undertakes special operations after going through intense training. SSG Captain, Naveed Hussain, has broken a 30-year-old record for physical endurance by running for over 6 hours without any break.


Becoming a part of SSG is very tough considering only a handful of soldiers make it through due to the extreme training and a series of tests covering strategic thinking, mental fitness, and physical conditioning.


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Running in his gear, Captain Naveed covered a record-breaking distance of 60 km in 6 hours and 28 minutes. The young solider’s gear included his SMG and a heavily loaded kit bag.

Previously Pakistani soldiers have proved themselves among the best by winning accolades in different military competitions, UN missions, and in foreign training academies such as the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, UK, etc.

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